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KapCaps. Tame your CapsLock key.

Note: Though I wrote the program below, I no longer use it myself and I don't recommend anyone to use it. I now use the excellent KeyTweak to turn my CapsLock key into an extra backspace key. KeyTweak lets you remap any key in whichever way you want. KapCaps remains available here for old times' sake.

KapCaps turns your CapsLock key into an Enter key.
You can then use Shift+CapsLock instead to turn CapsLock on and off.
KapCaps is a tiny, freeware, no-install, no-register, no-bullshit application.

When KapCaps is started it shows a notice for a few seconds.
This can be prevented by using '-nonotice' as a command line option.
To exit, right-click on the KapCaps tray icon and select 'Exit'.

Known issue: the CapsLock light on your keyboard won't reflect the actual CapsLock status.

Download: KapCaps.exe (177 kB).